Our Story

About Us

Welcome to wheal dream… My name is Barry Clark, owner of the Wheal Dream, and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about the history of the restaurant.

I first started work at wheal dream in 1997 as a young chef where I was working from a small and basic menu that catered for the whole family. Typically, home made beef burgers, pasta and local steaks with a little fish.

Sunday roast is where wheal dream got its name for good quality value for money.

In 2001 my wife and I had the opportunity to purchase wheal dream. This was a scary move for us both being only 20 years of age. With the support from our family and the bank, we thought…. what the hell lets do it!

Over the next 3 years we put all our heart and sole in to building wheal dream to a great standard and In 2005 we had the opportunity to sell our business and move on to other things. In the 2006 we set up a new restaurant in Falmouth where we had the chance to start from scratch. After a few months of building and bringing together a new team along with our existing staff we opened Clarks Restaurant. The next year was a great success and we built a new custom base. In 2007 we had again the chance to set up another restaurant ‘C3’ in Helston, which we ran as a Cafe Bistro. The next 3 years we enjoyed running both Clarks Restaurant and C3 Cafe Bistro.

We also added 2 new additions to our life with both our children Jake and Amelia taking a ot of our much loved time.

In 2010 we decided to sell our restaurants and put an offer down on whealdream, which was accepted. 2011 was a hard but rewarding year for us. We had bought our family back to where we call home. I always looked back at whealdream and wondered if we would step back in to our old home again. This old cow-shed is now back in my hands and now our aim is to please all our local friends and valued customers. Over the past 2 years we have built a great new trade and have introduced special new menus. Naomi and I would like to thank every one for all their support and hope to see you again soon.

Kind regards

Barry Clark